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We provide excellent service in educating learners located in the Steelpoort area including :Longtil, Phasha, Stocking, Tukgakgomo, Mahlakwena  and all other peripheral areas . We are located along the Longtill road at the former Jesus Wants All Nations Church opposite Jehovah's Witnesses Church , in Tukakgomo Eestergeluk Steelpoort area in Limpopo, South Africa.

 Our mission is to provide high end quality education to all learners in the vicinity of our location and beyond. Our goal is to bring an educational focus to every learner and raise the learner to a level well above the standards of the South African education system.

Our learning environment is in English only meaning its an English Medium Private School whereby learners and teachers use English as a medium of communication. Learners who come in with no English skills will be warmly welcomed and groomed to adapt to the new learning environment. We have professional linguist teachers to groom your child to speak, write and use English fluently making it way easy for the child to understand all other areas of learning. 

We have staff which is well trained,qualified and are experienced education professionals, well oriented to build a future in your child through education . We believe that every child has a gift and our school is ready to teach, mould, groom and position your child to a bright future. 

Our learning environment goes beyond the academics, also into sport, technical subjects, arts and crafts and most importantly we do ground children to Christian Ethos which will help much enriching the personality and character of the child do that as they grow theu are capable to adapt to this generation with a Godly approach to life. All our teachers are seasoned Christians ready to go the extra mile to help your child in any way in their capacity to improve the child.

Since our atmosphere for learning has all aspects, ethics and methods based on Christian values and themes in as much as we aslo comply with the regulations and Department of Education. Eestergeluk Christian Academy reserves its own right as a private institution not as a public institution.


We have linked ourselves with reputable transporters who are ready to fetch your child to and from school safely on every weekday.

Health and Safety

We have made it a priority that our learning environment is safe for children to learn and play within the school premises. Instruments have been put in place for for learners to cross major roads at the vicinity of the school with assistance and care to avoid accidents. 

For sanitary and health reasons no vending is allowed at school premises. We encourage learners to bring food from home or bring money to buy from the school tuckshop. The school has its own tuckshop that gives out hygienic food that will not be to blame for any illness.


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